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:: 20030113 ::

Better than Harvard? Better than MIT? Dare I say it....better than Berkeley? You betcha. It is the heart and soul of the Indian people, it is the hopes and dreams of every citizen, it is the reason thousands of indian immigrants flock to the US and make a mockery of our homegrown talent. While their kids are studying for the IIT entrance exams at age 12, ours are trying to be like Eminem and Britney Spears.

It does have its flaws: 1.) Women are pretty much excluded. 2.) IIT doesn't produce well-rounded individuals. Regardless of these facts, however, it is worthy of emulation. If india can do this for Science and Technology, why can't we do it for everything? Think about it: American Institute of Technology. Sounds good don't it?

-- Bret 21:16 [+]
The greatest minds in the world prioritizing our problems. Good reading.
-- Bret 21:08 [+]
Orson Scott Card, author of the greatest science fiction novel ever, has gone all political on me. But his point is an important one, and one that I have heard both republicans and democrats make. Now, if only the insane left would listen...
-- Bret 20:58 [+]
:: 20030105 ::
Rotating around the boring carousel of life......

-- Bret 14:35 [+]

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